Hey! Ben Lang here 👋

A few words

I've spent the past two and a half decades hopping between New York, Tel Aviv, and San Francisco. I'm a product builder, former founder, marketer, and community guy, always in multiple places at one time. I'm currently working on tools for thought at Notion, inspired by Douglas Engelbart’s vision of better computing for everyone.

I got started in 2009, running an eBay business out of my childhood bedroom and eventually building websites and writing for sites like Business Insider. After high school, I moved to Israel to serve in an intelligence unit in the Israel Defense Forces. Towards the end of my army stint, I co-founded Mapme, which today is a bootstrapped SaaS company.

How I can be helpful

🚀 Need a hunter for a Product Hunt launch? Happy to help.

🤝 Hiring in Israel, New York or San Francisco? Would love to connect you with folks who are looking for their next role.

👀 Looking for a new role? Let's chat. Apply for On Deck in Tel Aviv or New York.

Side projects

Hummus Day - Celebrate hummus on 5/12
Notion Pages - Notion template gallery
Mapped in Israel - Crowdsourced map of the Israeli start-up ecosystem

Deprecated: Bookclub, Falafel Day, Bliss Control, Notification Control, Snapvice, and many more.