Ben Lang

Ben Lang

I've spent the past 28 years hopping between New York, Tel Aviv, and San Francisco. I'm a product builder, former founder, and community guy, always in multiple places at one time. I'm currently leading community efforts at Notion, the all-in-one workspace for individuals and teams. I joined Notion three years ago when the team was 10 people. I actively make angel investments and advise a few select startups.

I got started in 2009, running an eBay business out of my childhood bedroom and eventually building websites and writing for sites like Business Insider. After high school, I moved to Israel to serve in an intelligence unit in the Israel Defense Forces. Towards the end of my army stint, I co-founded Mapme.

Projects at Notion 🏗️

A handful of high impact projects I’ve worked on at Notion.

Reach out 👋

You can email me directly or reach out on Twitter, I’d love to hear from you!

I'd love to answer your questions about Notion and our community
I'm one of the most active hunters on Product Hunt
  • I'm selective about the products I post, I can't guarantee I'll post your product until I've had a chance to check it out.
  • Please submit your product here and I'll do my best to get back to you once I've had a chance to review your product.
I actively make angel investments and advise a few select startups
  • I like to invest in founders I know personally
  • I'm most interested in community + product led companies
  • Reach out directly to see if it makes sense to work together
I enjoy helping friends looking for their next roles
  • If you're hiring for a specific role, please let me know and I'll add it to my private database.
  • For many years, I organized On Deck dinners for people looking for what’s next in their career, both in Tel Aviv and New York City.
  • Reach out to me directly!

Investing 🎣

I actively make angel investments and advise a few select startups.


Community operating system for companies
Payroll for remote teams
Comprehensive community platform
B2B checkout platform
Sales engagement platform
Go-to-market solution for product-led companies
Tech training school
Organize all the shopping you do online
Service Bell
Live video chat with your website visitors
Online coworking platform
Calendar built for teams
Fractional real estate investing
SaaS ops management (acquired)
HR platform for startups (acquired)
Vertically-integrated cannabis brand (IPO)

Past side projects 🔨

CoronaCrush - private dating group with 25,000+ members
Hummus Day - international holiday celebrated by millions annually on 5/13
  • Notion Pages - the first community gallery for Notion templates
  • Mapped in Israel - crowdsourced map of the Israeli start-up ecosystem
  • On Deck (TLV & NYC) - hosted 30+ dinners for founders and operators looking for what's next