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Day 44 – Silicon Valley

Had the opportunity to meet Doug Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse. Afterwards I had a ton of work to do, mostly working on my pitch that Iā€™ll be presenting at the Teens In Tech event on Friday. Around four an early Mozilla employee came by to share the fascinating story behind Firefox. Afterwards we […]

Day 38 – Silicon Valley

Had a packed day today so here are just a few things that happened. Interviews for the conference. Two mentor sessions. Photo shoot with the Chronicle. Had a practice pitch session. Went to AOL to meet a startup and mingle at Startup Grind. Going to SanĀ FranciscoĀ tomorrow to visit a bunch of startups.

Day 37 – Silicon Valley

Woke up at 5:45 to go to a PR event in SanĀ Francisco. Took the train with a couple friends from the incubator. We had the opportunity to meet a few amazing people and we left around 3:00. After arriving at the incubator we had a dinner with one of the original Paypal investors. Afterwards I […]

Day 23 – Silicon Valley

Spent most of the morning and early afternoon fixing up the site and finishing up random things. We were told that a Mashable post was going to go up today featuring all of the incubator’s startups which would mean a nice boost in traffic. Unfortunately though, after checking over fifty times it still hasn’t been […]

Day 11 – Silicon Valley

I can’t repeat every day how much I love Silicon Valley but it just becomes more and more incredible. Today started off with an event: Founders Space Silicon Valley June 2011 Roundtable. It wasn’t anything special but networking is always a great way to start the day. Afterwards I set up some more meetings as […]