Day 6 – Silicon Valley

Technically I’m not in Silicon Valley anymore since I’m at my grandparents for the weekend in Piedmont but I’m still happy to share my experiences. I slept very well and in the morning went to synagogue with my grandfather. There, I spent some time with old acquaintances and met some interesting people; the consul general representing Israel […]

Day 5 – Silicon Valley

Finally had a chance to sleep in today, yet by now at the end of the day I’m exhausted. Worked a short day, nothing particularly interesting. Took care of some tasks I’ve been meaning to do lately.  I left the incubator early to take the train to Piedmont to stay at my grandparents for the […]

Day 4 – Silicon Valley

Once again I was told to add more detail and thought into my posts, don’t think that’s going to happen though. Maybe if I spent a few hours on each post that would work out but luckily I have other things to do. Anyways, today was more of a working day. I conducted market research, […]

Day 3 – Silicon Valley

I’ve been told that I should put more thought and details into my posts so I’ll do my best. Today we had our orientation for the incubator. There were some introductions, a tour and meetings with the lawyers. They confirmed my thoughts on how much of a pain it is to incorporate, something we’ve been […]