Day 10 – Silicon Valley

Today I fell in love. With Silicon Valley. It’s hard to describe in words my fascination and admiration of this area. The buzz that you feel in the air. The excitement going through everyone. The passion bursting in people. The dream that everyone has. I truly felt it today. Started the day with some work […]

Day 9 – Silicon Valley

Started off the day by visiting 500 Startups, another startup accelerator in the area. On the way there I went in the wrong direction and ended up passing by Evernote, Lytro and Firefox’s office. Just another reminder of why I love this place so much. Anyways, while I was at 500 Startups I met with […]

Day 8 – Silicon Valley

Wonderful to be back at the incubator, the office is awesome as usual. Had a busy day working on upgrading our hosting, conducting market research and more. Set up a load of meetings and events for the upcoming weeks. That afternoon Aneesh KarveĀ the senior product manager of Cooliris came by to give us a presentation […]

Day 6 – Silicon Valley

Technically I’m not in Silicon Valley anymore since I’m at my grandparents for the weekend in Piedmont but I’m still happy to share my experiences. I slept very well and in the morning went to synagogue with my grandfather. There, I spent some time with oldĀ acquaintancesĀ and met some interesting people; the consul general representing Israel […]