Mapped In Israel on Android: Karma

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A few months ago, I received an email through Mapped In Israel from Alexander Gherschon, an Android/iOS developer living in Belgium, asking if I knew of any Israeli startups hiring. He told me that he was planning on moving to Israel soon and wanted to land a job before arriving.

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So I took a look at Mapped In Israel’s hiring page and introduced him right away to a few startups who indicated they were hiring. Not long after, he moved to Israel and joined one of those startups I had introduced him to.

A few weeks after, once Alexander had settled down, he offered to create a Mapped In Israel Android app, his way to give back to the community. I was thrilled and took him up on his offer. After some late nights, the first version of the Mapped in Israel Android app was born.




It’s a basic version with more features coming such as job search, subcategories, and more. For now you can browse through categories, search for startups, find information on them and easily navigate towards them. We’d love to hear your feedback. A huge thanks to Alexandre for creating this!

Download the app here: Play Store

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