How We Hired Ahmad

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A few months ago just as we were getting Mapme off the ground we made one of our most important hires.

We had a strong team in terms of development, bizdev, marketing, but we were missing someone with product management/UX/design experience.

From our previous product, Mapped In Israel, we knew that was our biggest weakness. So we decided to post a job opening for a “Product/UX” position at Mapme. Of course we decided to use our own product to hire, so we posted the job opening on our Mapped In Israel profile.

A few minutes after posting the opening I got this in my inbox:

And then five minutes later I got this:

Mappedly is now Mapme

I like people who work fast, so I had a good feeling about this. So I set up a time to meet with Ahmad.

Also, when someone “stalks” your product, it’s a good sign ☺

A day later we had around 10 talented applicants for the position. It felt awesome that our product worked so well for ourselves. We interviewed a bunch of them including Ahmad.

Ahmad previously worked at GetTaxi and made a great impression. Not long after we decided that he was the right fit and he joined our team.

Ahmad is now our VP Product and has brought incredible knowledge in the product management, UX and design fields. Even though we’ve only worked together for a few months, he’s made a huge impact on our company.

Why did I decide to share this now? Ahmad is looking for an apartment in Herzeliya / North Tel Aviv. If you know anyone renting, moving out, please connect us, feel free to email me: Thank you!