How to Message Anyone on LinkedIn

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For years I’ve wondered how to message people (who I’m not connected to) on LinkedIn without signing up for LinkedIn Premium. Today Leon Markovitz (cofounder of Wikibrains) taught me using a simple trick.

All you have to do is look at which groups the person you’re trying to message is a member of. Join any of those groups. Then you can message them directly from the group without being connected to them.

LinkedIn Hack
You can see groups on each profile.

“Send message” is the key.

  • Nice quick hack. I’ve tried it 3 times (since reading it about 20 mins ago).
    So far, 66% conversion so good job.
    It doesn’t work for hidden groups or for very restrictive profiles but I’d say most Linkedin users don’t go to the level of privacy where it wouldn’t work.

    • 66% is pretty solid. Thanks for sharing.

      • Nice post Ben. Linkedin has so much op but it’s so tied down. ^pete

  • As pointed out on this is only partially true –
    _1 Each time a user joins an LI group they can choose to allow members to message them or not (by default it is on)
    _2 Users can hide groups from their profile.

    So yes in the general case this will work, but it’s not foolproof.

  • Great trick, good to test the potential value for upgrading – but could get cumbersome if groups need approval first.