Goodbye IDF, Hello World

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ARMYA few years have gone by and it’s now time for me to move on from the Israeli army.

Since high school I dreamed of one day joining the IDF. That dream came true in March ‘12 when I put on my uniform for the first time. From day one it was very different from what I had imagined. It was a bumpy ride but overall it was an incredibly rewarding experience.

Thanks to a lot of luck, I was able to serve in one of the best units the IDF has to offer. I was surrounded by brilliant, motivated people and mind-blowing technology.

Today I couldn’t be more excited to move on and get started on the next stage in my life. (I’ll be sharing more on that soon.)

If I can ever be of any help in regards to the IDF, feel free to reach out:

Huge thanks to everyone who made my time in the army an unforgettable experience.

  • alfredo grabarz

    Hi Ben….I am at Brazilian Market and wonder to cooperate with you and any other Israeli Start up….
    Have you ever thought of coming to Brazil to spread the word and find new opportunities? ( I speak hebrew)