Day 9 – Silicon Valley

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Started off the day by visiting 500 Startups, another startup accelerator in the area. On the way there I went in the wrong direction and ended up passing by Evernote, Lytro and Firefox’s office. Just another reminder of why I love this place so much. Anyways, while I was at 500 Startups I met with the founder of LaunchRock, a really neat service that I’ve used before.

Afterwards, I went to the office to work some more and set up additional meetings. The biggestĀ surpriseĀ of the day arrived in the mail! I forgot that I ordered a shirt for MySchoolHelp and I was ecstatic when it arrived.

We were lucky enough to have a former Digg engineer come by to give us a three and a half hour PHP class. Obviously we couldn’t cover everything but we certainly made progress. I learned more in this class than last year, in my academic Java class. Although he swore approximately 114 times to make his points, he was a fantastic teacher. It certainly made for a tiring day, tomorrow is going to be much busier, so excited!