Day 4 – Silicon Valley

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Once again I was told to add more detail and thought into my posts, don’t think that’s going to happen though. Maybe if I spent a few hours on each post that would work out but luckily I have other things to do.

Anyways, today was more of a working day. I conducted market research, worked on site revisions and other random things. I was also fortunate enough to take a two hour HTML and CSS class by one of our superstar developer mentors.

Also went to another event at AOL called Startup Grinders. As usual met some very interesting people and had my third free dinner at an event. Not bad going to an event three out of four of my first nights and having a free dinner at each one.

Tomorrow should be another exciting day. Looking forward to going to my grandparents in Piedmont to maybe see a movie, eat more good food and to catch up on some shut eye!