Day 3 – Silicon Valley

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I’ve been told that I should put more thought and details into my posts so I’ll do my best. Today we had our orientation for the incubator. There were some introductions, a tour and meetings with the lawyers. They confirmed my thoughts on how much of a pain it is to incorporate, something we’ve been planning on doing for a while. I met the other participants who are all working on interesting projects. I also chatted with the first mentor to come, one of the founders of HipChat, a neat startup in the area. Planning on eating at a Burmese restaurant tonight with some family.

If I had my smartphone I’d take a picture of the kitchen in the office but unfortunately my phone is under repair. Anyways the kitchen looks like a convenience store except it’s free. There are three fridges with every imaginable drink. There are cereals, oatmeal, fruit, candy, nuts, chips and every snack you can think of. If I wasn’t biking everywhere and running every so often I’d probably gain a nice amount of unhealthy weight.

On the random side while I was biking to the train station I saw an intimidatingly, enormous snake on the street.