Day 11 – Silicon Valley

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I can’t repeat every day how much I love Silicon Valley but it just becomes more and more incredible. Today started off with an event: Founders Space Silicon Valley June 2011 Roundtable. It wasn’t anything special but networking is always a great way to start the day.

Afterwards I set up some more meetings as usual and tried to cross off some items from my to do list. My day instantly improved when my phone finally arrived. Android is simply amazing. I look forward to posting more photos on this blog.

Later that afternoon we had the opportunity to meet one on one with two more mentors. One from WePay and the other from Evernote. They both had valuable feedback and ideas to help us afterwards. From there I went with some friends from the incubator to a Social Media Day Event. It was essentially a nerdy party and I had the chance to meet some fascinating people. On the way back I stopped at Coupa Cafe, one of the most popular hangouts for entrepreneurs in Palo Alto. How’s that for a day?