Day 10 – Silicon Valley

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Today I fell in love. With Silicon Valley.

It’s hard to describe in words my fascination and admiration of this area. The buzz that you feel in the air. The excitement going through everyone. The passion bursting in people. The dream that everyone has. I truly felt it today.

Started the day with some work and for lunch I went to an intern event. I ate some delicious Chinese tofu while chatting with interns working at startups in the area. Afterwards, I went back to the office to finish up some more tasks. At six, we had a mentor dinner with Ricky Yean, the founder of Crowdbooster. Last year he went through Y Combinator, the most prestigious incubator in the area. He told us all about his experience and I found it to be the most inspiring event so far. I even got a free Crowdbooster account afterwards.

At around nine I decided to head home by train, with some friends. As we were chatting about our wonderful day, a woman overheard us and decided to get in on the conversation. No where else could I imagine this happening randomly on the train. It really is all about networking and Silicon Valley is the place to be for that to happen. It just makes me love this place even more.