90K Celebrate Hummus Day Around The World

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Hummus Day has been going on for a few years, but this year we decided to open an event page (a day before the holiday.) One day later, almost 90K have joined and we’ve reached 8.2M people. (4th International Hummus Day)

We did an awesome crowdsourced map of hummus places around the world, tens of thousands have used it and hundreds have added places to it. Powered by Mapme. It’s at hummusday.com


People are writing endless articles about the holiday, tons of celebrities are tweeting about it and people are posting crazy hummus photos from around the globe. There’s free hummus at Abu Gosh, hummus parties at WeWork, big discounts at tons of hummus places, and hummus meetups happening in different cities.

Been eating hummus non-stop since 6am. Time to pass out…

Will share a more detailed story in the coming weeks.